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Walt Disney

Tower of Terror - XL/TG

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Tie dye purple and green Tower of Terror Walt Disney t-shirt. Size XL. Made in Honduras. Fabric: 100% cotton. Good condition; heavily faded.

"Tower of Terror" is a theme ride at Disney World that opened in 1994. A film by the same name, inspired by the park ride, was released in 1997 on The Wonderful World of Disney. The plot is something about curses and haunted elevators, and it stars a young Kirsten Dunst of all people. Remember when Kirsten Dunst was in a bunch of low budget Disney movies?

Anyway, enjoy the wonderfully loud green and purple tie-dye print of this deliciously '90s t-shirt! 


Shoulders: 23.5"

Chest: 23"

Length: 30"